Implementing blockchain solutions to sustainabill

At the Supply Chain Transparency Series’ (SCT) Hackathon our team showed a sample of the capabilities of the sustainabill cloud platform. The SCT Hackathon took place on Tuesday at Zalando in Berlin.

Working together with a team of blockchain experts from Thirdhash and supported by experts from the organizing ventures we successfully implemented a proof of concept connecting the sustainabill platform to a public blockchain. Based on the Ethereum network we used immutable ledger technology to store product certification information in the blockchain. 

Delivering proof of work for adaption of blockchain technology makes sustainabill future fit to comply with new customer requirements and demands. While it’s extremely important to only use technology as a lever to achieve sustainable business practice in real life, last week’s hackathon demonstrates the flexibility of our platform. Certification stored publicly in the blockchain is automatically available to share with authorities or customers and prove legal compliance for the whole audit trail. 

More information about the SCT Hackathlon series can be found here:


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