All industries

All industries

  • To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need transformational and systemic changes — not just within an industry, but across industries and stakeholders — this is what is missing.

    Joe Kaeser, CEO, Siemens AG
    in Accenture's UNGC Strategy CEO Study on Sustainability (2019)


The sustainabill cloud platform maps and analyzes global supply chain networks in any producing industry sector.

Chemicals, furniture, musical instruments, office supplies, pharmaceutical products, kids' toys, logistics packaging - the list is sheer endless. All these seemingly unrelated sectors connect further upstream in the supply chain because they rely on the same supplier companies processing similar raw materials. Thus we built a solution that works the same way for any product. To create great value for all stakeholders by minimizing effort and maximizing efficiency.
Join forces to lift synergies across industries by utilizing technology.

Platform Solution

With our cloud platform, you map every step of the supply chain down to the source of the raw material. You can achieve multi-tier visibility of your supply chain and see where your suppliers and sub-suppliers are producing and where your materials are coming from.

Enable your suppliers to disclose the source for components or single ingredients. Request suppliers and sub-suppliers to share additional data and track improvements.

Access essential information on potential risks in your supply chain. Gain valuable insights into the sustainability of your products. Ensure your compliance requirements are met. Dashboards help you to keep track of your progress and changes.

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