5 years sustainabill

5 years ago, a group of technology nerds and sustainability experts came together to create a pragmatic solution for companies for sustainability in supply chains in order to protect the environment, the climate and human rights on a broader scale.

Why? They were convinced that the transformation towards a sustainable economy requires sustainable supply chains.

What was founded out of conviction, now drives almost every company. The need for sustainable supply chains is out of question given the severity of climate change, further current crises and the regulatory requirements. We are proud of what we achieved within the last five years and we cannot wait to further shape sustainability together.

Many thanks to our growing team and to all that have supported our mission so far and continue to support us, especially to our investors GLS bank and BrainWeb Investment.

Our roots

lie in research projects of the renowned sustainability think tank of the Wuppertal Institute. The platform is made and hosted in Germany. We emphasize highest data protection standards and full control over own data for all users.

Our conviction

is that the transformation to a sustainable economy cannot succeed without sustainably designed supply chains. And this requires digital solutions with a high degree of automation.

Our mission

is to create pragmatic and scalable solutions for sustainable supply chains. The sustainabill cloud platform covers all relevant sustainability requirements.

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