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1. June 2023

VERSO, sustainabill and Silvester Group join forces to form leading European software and consulting provider for sustainability management and reporting

Three pioneers in the field of sustainability management join forces to accelerate the Sustainable […]

Interview mit Miriam Gogel

Blog, Featured

16. March 2023

Interview with Miriam Gogel – Head of Customer Success at sustainabill

Miriam has been working at sustainabill since February 2021. Prior to that, she worked as a consult […]

Interview Klaus Wiesen


5. January 2023

The importance and future of sustainable supply chains: Interview with Klaus Wiesen 

With the new year, companies have to deal with several requirements at the same time. In addition t […]



19. December 2022

EU agrees on supply chain law

EU member states agreed on an EU supply chain law on December 1, 2022. This directive represents an […]

Success RM


15. August 2022

Success Story with Riese & Müller

“We are convinced that transparency is the basis for trustworthy and responsible cooperation in the […]



7. July 2022

Whitepaper: Risk management for sustainability in the supply chain

Download this whitepaper to find out how you can implement the requirements of the new Supply Chain […]

share impact company


6. July 2022

Customer Success Story with share

Social consumption is the economy of the future, which we have to create now.DR. SEBASTIAN STRICKER […]



30. June 2022

How to measure the footprint of your sourced products

This webinar explains how to focus on the right supply chains to achieve the largest impact. Paneli […]



29. June 2022

Whitepaper: Increasing Transparency in Mineral Supply Chains



27. June 2022

What requires the new CSR-D?

Sustainability reporting: What requirements will companies have to meet under the new CSRD? What ar […]



25. June 2022

Customer Success Story with Develey



9. June 2022

5 years sustainabill

5 years ago, a group of technology nerds and sustainability experts came together to create a pragm […]



4. June 2022

Whitepaper: Implementing climate action in the supply chain



31. January 2022

Global Risks Report emphasizes need for action

What are the most severe risks? Environmental and societal risks are globally the most dominant acc […]



4. January 2022

Happy new year

We are wishing everyone relaxed holidays and a happy new year! We would like to thank all partners f […]

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14. December 2021

Human rights SAQ available as of now

Do you want to comply with the human rights due diligence law?   Our sustainabill cloud platfor […]



25. October 2021

Sustainability requirements in the supply chain at a glance

Here you will find an overview. It is worth tackling this topic consistently and holistically to be […]

Human Rights


10. September 2021

sustainabill launches Sustainability Maturity Assessment

The sustainabill cloud platform is now extended by a brand-new sustainability maturity assessment th […]

b_behind the scenes

Events, Guidance

17. August 2021

Verso Academy für nachhaltige Transformation mit sustainabill

Unser Partner VERSO GmbH hat ein großartiges Programm für angehende CSR-Manager entwickelt “CSR Man […]



25. June 2021

Lieferkettengesetz: Risikoüberwachung und Transparenz als Grundlagen

Die Einhaltung der Menschenrechte entlang der Lieferkette ist zu einer kritischen und komplexen Auf […]



12. May 2021

Our new partner: Löning – Human Rights and Responsible Business

New partner for human rights due diligence The German Due Diligence Law, the “Lieferkettengesetz”, […]

B_5 Schritte Scope-3.1


4. May 2021

How to monitor your scope 3 climate targets

b_webinar product footprint


8. April 2021

Webinar: Measure your product footprint

April 13, 2021 – 15:00 to 15:45 CET Our second webinar will help you answer the following questions: […]

i_investment GLS


31. March 2021

Frisches Kapital für Nachhaltigkeit

Mehr Kapital für bessere Lieferketten! Die GLS Bank erhöht ihre Beteiligung an sustainabill, damit w […]

210129_Blogpost Net-zero supply chains


24. March 2021

Towards net-zero supply chains: 5 aspects to consider

All companies have the potential to make a significant climate impact by taking action to decarboniz […]

Helping Hand


18. March 2021

Webinar Climate Action Through Collaboration

B_5 Schritte Scope-3.1


15. March 2021

Webinar: Climate action through collaboration

March 18, 2021 – 15:00 to 15:45 CET  Join our first webinar to get the following ins […]

i_new webinar series


4. March 2021

New webinar series – Achieving your supply chain climate targets

2017 times 5: that’s how the number of companies committed to climate targets via the Science Based […]

B_Sustainable Sourcing


4. February 2021

Achieving your sustainable sourcing targets in 2021

With the first month of 2021 behind us, we should take the opportunity to refresh our objectives. Al […]



26. November 2020

What’s in it for suppliers – Five benefits from collaboration

Usually, supply chain collaboration discussions focus on brands and retailers, particularly those wh […]

b_KölnBusiness expert session


17. November 2020

Sustainabill bei der KölnBusiness Expert Session

Beim KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH Webinar wird Klaus Wiesen zu digitalen Lösungen für Nac […]

B-Publikation Wuppertal Institut


22. October 2020

Gemeinsame Publikation mit dem Wuppertal Institut

Vor dem Hintergrund des Lieferkettengesetzes wird in der neuen Publikation „Nachhaltige Lieferketten […]

B_Sustainability Heroes


13. October 2020

Sustainabill auf Sustainability Heroes 2020 Konferenz

Auf der Sustainability Heroes Konferenz 2020 am 2.-4. November werden aktuelle Themen zum Lieferkett […]

B_Zalandos Transparent magazine


8. October 2020

Study results in Zalando’s “Transparent” magazine

Being transparent is very important to most brands. This is often reasoned by risk management in the […]

b_Veranstaltung mit der GLS Bank


21. September 2020

Wie transparent ist meine Lieferkette? – Veranstaltung mit der GLS Bank

Zusammen mit der GLS Bank laden wir Sie zu unserem digitalen Expertengespräch am 29. September 2020 […]



7. September 2020

UK: Due diligence on key commodities linked to deforestation

The UK Government has published a proposal of a legislation which prohibits larger businesses operat […]

B_Human Rights ITUC


21. July 2020

2020 ITUC Global Rights Index: The world’s worst countries for workers

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) released its Global Rights index on 18 June 2020, […]

B_Globaler Verbraucher


25. June 2020

Was will der globale Verbraucher 2020?

Ungewissheit ist in Corona Zeiten zum Alltag geworden und bei manchen mag das Thema Nachhaltigkeit i […]

B_sustainabill part of


4. June 2020

Sustainabill becomes part of Europe’s fastest growing digital chemistry and health ecosystem 5-HT

We are delighted to become part of Europe’s fastest growing digital chemistry and health ecosystem c […]

B_5 Schritte Scope-3.1

Blog, Guidance

28. May 2020

5 Schritte um Scope3.1-Emissonen zu ermitteln und zu managen

Immer mehr Unternehmen berücksichtigen bei Ihren Minderungszielen für Treibhausgas-Emissionen (THG E […]

B_Due diligence


7. May 2020

EU commits to mandatory environmental and human rights due diligence

In continuation of the discussion about the European Green Deal, Didier Reynders, the European Commi […]

B_Green Deal


23. April 2020

The Green Deal as one answer to the crisis

“Europe´s man on the moon moment” is how EU president Ursula von der Leyen has described the Europea […]

B_Coronavirus supply chain

Blog, Guidance

31. March 2020

What Coronavirus means for your supply chain strategy

The Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak has created an unprecedented and insecure situation across the g […]

B_Whitepaper Mineral Supply Chains


7. March 2020

New whitepaper on mineral supply chains

Mineral resources are the starting point of virtually every supply chain and are the foundation of t […]

B_Forced labor Muslim Minorities China


3. March 2020

Is your supply chain linked to forced Labor of Muslim Minorities in China?

The recently published ASPI-report “Uyghurs for sale” discloses that supply chains of major brands a […]

B_German data centers


27. February 2020

Boost your business with German data centers

Since the beginning of the year, sustainabill is using Telekom’s servers and thus is exclusively hos […]

B_5 steps to increase supply chain transparency


10. January 2020

5 steps to increase supply chain transparency

Business in a globalized world demands more trust and transparency in global operational structures. […]

B_German Supply Chain Act


16. December 2019

German Supply Chain Act on the political agenda

The discussion about the passage of a German Supply Chain Act has gained momentum. The German Develo […]

B_Grüner Knopf


10. December 2019

Grüner Knopf – national seal for sustainable textiles

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) introduced a seal for eco […]

B_Lanxess climate neutral


3. December 2019

LANXESS becomes climate-neutral by 2040

The specialty chemicals company LANXESS has defined itself the target to become 100% climate-neutral […]

B_Abolition of slavery


2. December 2019

02/12 – International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

More than 40,3 million people live in modern slavery – this number reveals the shocking truth about […]

B_StartGreen Award_ohne Rahmen


21. November 2019

StartGreen Award 2019 goes to sustainabill

We are proud to announce that we have won the StartGreen Award 2019 in the category “Start-up”! The […]

B_French vigilance law


20. November 2019

How the French Vigilance Law affects your business

Companies in France can be held accountable for human rights abuses and environmental degradation al […]

B_Zalando sustainable fashion


6. November 2019

Zalando commits to more sustainable fashion by 2023

Consumers demand more sustainable fashion – this is the crucial outcome of a consumer survey conduct […]

B_Oxfam accuses


25. October 2019

Oxfam accuses workers’ rights violations in supply chains

The new research commissioned by Oxfam reveals the extent of human, workers’ and women’s rights viol […]



26. September 2019

Hotter and more acidic: The future of the oceans

Experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented their new special report […]

B_Deforestation - climate risk


9. September 2019

Deforestation: Climate Risks for Investors

Even if renewables or electric cars are already revolutionizing the energy and transport sectors, cl […]



12. August 2019

IPCC calls for change to human diet

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sees threats to food security and calls for […]

B_Germany encourages companies


5. August 2019

Germany encourages companies to deal with human rights issues

The Federal Government of Germany plans to interview 1,800 companies on their compliance with human […]

b_Zara sustainable fabrics


30. July 2019

Zara announces 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025

The Spanish clothing brand Zara announced that 100% of its fabrics will be produced sustainably by 2 […]

B_Blockchain in sustainabill

Blog, Events

21. June 2019

Implementing blockchain solutions to sustainabill

At the Supply Chain Transparency Series’ (SCT) Hackathon our team showed a sample of the capabilitie […]



19. June 2019

Fashion brand Gap commits to 100% sustainable cotton

Currently, many fashion brands are reviewing their sustainability goals. The apparel group Gap now c […]

B_threatened species


29. May 2019

1,000,000 species threatened with extinction

“The health of ecosystems on which we and all other species depend is deteriorating more rapidly tha […]

B_Blockchain fatigue


25. May 2019

Gartner warns of ‘blockchain fatigue’ in supply chain

Until now, blockchain remains a highly discussed topic, however the newest report from Gartner state […]

B_UN urgent action


15. April 2019

UN Global Environment Outlook calls for urgent actions

“Urgent and inclusive action is needed by decision makers at all levels to achieve a healthy planet […]

B_European Companies Transparency Supply Chains


27. March 2019

European companies need more transparency on high-risk supply chains

Sustainability information published by European companies are not specific and transparent enough. […]

B_Merino wool


12. March 2019

How sheep suffer for Merino wool

Warm jumpers from Merino wool are in most people’s winter wardrobe. A recent report from ZDF and Spi […]



11. March 2019

Wuppertal Institute in Top Ten of global Think Tank Ranking

The Wuppertal Institute, partner of our supply chain transparency platform, has been voted into the […]



25. January 2019

GLS Bank invests in sustainabill

We are happy to announce that GLS Bank invests in sustainabill. GLS Bank is Germany’s first social a […]

B_copernicus incubator


9. October 2018

Joining the Copernicus Incubator

Satellite information have huge potential to ensure truly sustainable supply chains. We have been se […]


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