How it works

  • Import supplier data
  • Invite suppliers
  • Send requests
  • Analyse supply chain
  • With sustainabill you gain full visibility in your supply chain issues. We support every actor in the supply chain to collaborate establishing a digital and transparent supply chain network.

    Klaus Wiesen

    CEO, sustainabill

Not knowing your supply chain poses multiple risks to your company including reputational, financial, geopolitical, natural disaster and man-made risks. With sustainabill you’re able to recognize, analyse and manage these risks. Monitoring risk allows you to react on possible threats before they damage your company.

We have long term experience in sustainability and risk assessment. We help you to identify the products and materials which are linked to potential risks or need to be disclosed due to regulations.

Suppliers receive their own sustainabill account and can invite their own supplier and sub-suppliers. 

Our service to you includes mapping your supply chain. Your suppliers will be asked to fill in information about their own suppliers.

We offer mapping of your supply chain as a full service. Just tell us which data you need and we’ll collect it for you.

Yes, sustainabill uses graph technology in ways you’ve never seen before. You’ll receive a graph that allows you to get a complete overview of all supplier relationships including all tiers.

Yes. We carefully selected our hosts for the platform considering data security. With Microsoft Azure your data is stored in one of the safest cloud services available today. All data is hosted and processed in MS Azures in the Netherlands. Azure is protected at the physical, network, host, application and data layers.

No problem. Our service includes supporting you and your suppliers with all questions and issues that might arise. You have one contact person responsible for you and for contacting your suppliers in advance in case they need help. And of course the whole engineering team is always available to step in for specific questions you might have.