How sheep suffer for Merino wool

Warm jumpers from Merino wool are in most people’s winter wardrobe. A recent report from ZDF and Spiegel showed that most Merino sheeps undergo a painful intervention called mulesing. The mostly overbred sheep have large skin folds – a potential source for deadly infections. During Mulesingtheseskin folds are cut away which us a cruel and painful procedure. Although the demand for wool, for which no sheep has to suffer, increases, only ten percent of merino wool is mulsing-free. The authors of the report took the test and asked 34 well-known retailers and brands about the source of the Merino wool in their products – with none of them being able to respond.

sustainabill can help fashion brands to understand their supply chain

With sustainabill, fashion brands get the transparency in their supply chain they need to quickly respond to stakeholder questions. They can find out where their products come from mapping every step of the supply chain. This is more and more important, as consumers want to know where their raw materials came from and how humans, animals or the environment are affected by the production of their products.

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