We help you to protect your company’s reputation, to identify all risks and to empower your team to improve supply chain sustainability.

Essential risks

In general, to produce one pair of jeans 6814 litres of water is necessary. To gain 1 kilo of copper, which is used in vehicles and electronic devices, more than kg of rock and soil are extracted.

More than 90% of sustainability issues occur in the deeper supply chain. This means far reaching risks, endangering a company´s success. Multiple risks exist, often unknown by the companies, reaching from reputational, to financial, geopolitical, natural disaster up to man-made risks. Consequences of not recognizing those risks in time include financial and market share loss, reputational damage or supply chain disruption.
Understanding the supply chain

For two thirds of manufacturing companies the deeper supply chain is a black box. Companies who lack visibility in their supply chain, can’t tackle these threatening risks .

Understanding the supply chain is a challenging task for your company. With our expertise and technology, we help you to discover and analyse the entire supply chain based on facts from the suppliers and sub-suppliers. We support you to find out the specific production locations of your sub-suppliers, mapping every step of the product supply chain – down to the source of raw materials.

"Only 6% of procurement leaders have full transparency in their supply chain" - Deloitte 2018

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