Understanding the entire supply chain is a challenging task. With our expertise and technology, sustainabill helps you to discover and analyze the entire supply chain based on facts from suppliers and sub-suppliers. We support you to find specific production locations of your sub-suppliers by mapping every step of the product supply chain – down to the source of raw materials.

The sustainabill cloud platform offers various services helping you to protect your company’s reputation, identify key risks, and empower your team to improve supply chain sustainability. Our solution can be applied to any industry and product to enhance visibility, achieve traceability, and skyrocket transparency.

"Only 6% of procurement leaders have full transparency of their entire supply chain" (Deloitte - 2018)
"37% of CEOs view risk arising from the supply chain as one of the greatest reputational threats for their businesses" (Deloitte - 2018)
"49% of executives cited supply chain complexity as the greatest hurdle to responsibility" (Deloitte - 2019)
  • We offer a unique combination of expertise in sustainability and technology

    Dr. Thorsten Merten

    CTO sustainabill

Sustainable Sourcing

  • Identify your sub-suppliers for relevant material groups
  • Map complete supply chains based on unique product identifier, PO number, or the article number to the source
  • Integration with batch-specific data
  • Ensure sustainability standards at any level of the supply chain by enabling your suppliers to collect and manage data from tier2 and later tier suppliers
  • Communicate your requirements and monitor sustainability standards for each facility through pre-build or customized surveys

Social compliance and human rights

  • Map the supply chain and identify your sub-supplier facilities
  • Gather data on labor practices and social standards via self-assessment-questionnaires
  • Communicate documentation or certification requirements to suppliers at any level of the supply chain
  • Identify potential risks and collaborate with suppliers and sub-suppliers to target further action
  • Map your carbon-intense supply chains down to the commodity or raw material level
  • Track material flows through the supply chain
  • Identify carbon hotspots and collect more granular data from upstream suppliers for sustainability reporting
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to implement improvements 

Circular economy

  • Map your supply chains to the source
  • Identify facilities sourcing recycling materials and recycling plants
  • Track the number of secondary materials used in your products

Audit and Certification Management

  • Monitor certifications of all your suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • Automatic reminder when certifications expire
  • Get insights on third party audits
  • Store, collect, and manage all audit reports and certificates in one place

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