Supply Chain Resilience

Supply Chain resilience

Companies need to increase the resilience of their supply chains to cope with COVID-19 and future shocks. With our technology, we help companies to increase the transparency and visibility of their entire supply chains in order to make them more resilient.

What is needed to make your supply chain resilient

To ensure resilient supply chains, companies need to pro-actively manage risks of their entire supply chains. If companies only know their direct suppliers, they cannot tackle hidden risks. Increasing visibility in your supply chain and knowing every facility involved in the production and material of your product is a critical first step to protect your supply chain from disruption.

  • To make supply chains more resilient, knowing the upstream supply chain is key.

    Peter Schützdeller

    CEO, IW Consult

How we can support you

To help businesses quickly mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and other sustainability risks in their supply chains, we offer an efficient way to disclose and monitor the upstream supply chains.

Transparency is key. Therefore, the most important step is to efficiently identify the suppliers of your suppliers: With the sustainabill cloud platform, you can send out requests to your direct suppliers to find out where they are producing and which suppliers they are sourcing from. Once you are connected with suppliers and sub-suppliers, you can efficiently collect more data. We support you in the process of requesting your suppliers to disclose their suppliers. Our efficient forms allow suppliers to share these information within only a few minutes. In addition, we provide full support to suppliers in case of any questions. The data of your suppliers and sub-suppliers are safe and the data collection is 100% GDPR-compliant.

In addition, we help you to get more insights into your entire supply chain. Your will be able to get access and analyze locations of your sub-suppliers in order to take further actions and increase the resilience of your supply chain. Our technology helps companies from all industries such as food and agriculture, textile and automotive.

Our approach

  1. Scope definition and supply chain mapping
  2. Identification of supplier and sub-supplier locations in your entire supply chain
  3. Collection of data via surveys and forms (100 % GDPR compliant, full supplier support in case of questions)
  4. Collaboration with suppliers to implement efficiency measures in your supply chain

IW Consult, a subsidiary of the German Economic Institute (IW köln).

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