Supply Chain Resilience

COVID 19 Special Offer

  • Find out who supplies your suppliers and increase the resilience of your supply chain
  • Collaborate with your entire upstream supply chain (your suppliers, their suppliers, and their sub-suppliers)
  • Manage certifications of all your suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • Monitor sustainability standards for each facility through pre-build or customized surveys
  • Plan your supply chain transparency project together with our expert consultants
  • Invite your suppliers to join our supplier webinar to get the project going at full speed
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We want you to be best prepared for every crisis that may come. Many of our customers are currently taking the time to re-think their supply chain strategies and we want to enable you to do so, too.

Due to the Covid19 situation, our employees are working from home at the moment.

Unfortunately, offering all employees to stay at home is impossible for many producing facilities and logistic companies.

Having full insights into their supply chain, our customers are able to pro-actively manage the challenges of the crisis and can solve them together with their suppliers.

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Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you to make your supply chain more resilient.