Sustainable supply chains for the chemical industry

The sustainabill cloud platform helps companies in the chemical industry to increase transparency at all stages of the supply chain. With sustainabill, it is possible to fulfill due diligence obligations along the supply chain, address raw material-specific risks and achieve climate targets with minimal effort.

Competitive advantages through supply chain transparency in the chemical industry

Increasing stakeholder interest and rising regulatory requirements, such as the Supply Chain Act or the EU Directive to Stop Deforestation, are key drivers for the implementation of sustainability in the supply chains of chemical companies. Raw material-related risks in upstream value-adding stages and rising fossil fuel prices are putting increasing pressure on the chemical sector. As a supplier to a wide range of other industries, sustainability is a key factor for future business success for chemical companies.

Strengthen sustainability in your procurement effectively with sustainabill. Bring comprehensive transparency to your supply chains to cover all relevant sustainability requirements with minimal effort and reduce ESG risks. With End2End risk management, you identify risks to avoid bottlenecks, meet regulatory requirements, and future-proof the business.

The benefits of sustainabill

Supplier risk management in the chemical sector


Manage materials at risk

In the chemical industry, a significant part of sustainability risks lies in the upstream supply chain, starting from high-risk raw materials such as industrial minerals, metals and rare earths, or palm oil. With sustainabill, you can monitor your supply chain holistically and create comprehensive transparency to manage risks. Ensure that you can access all data for your risk management and sustainability reporting at any time to meet regulatory requirements and customer demands.

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