Sustainable supply chains for the bicycle industry

sustainabill is the leading platform solution for sustainable supply chains in the bicycle industry. It enables efficient collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers throughout the supply chain and helps to increase transparency at all stages of the supply chain, identify sustainability risks and achieve improvements.

Sustainable procurement in the bicycle industry

The bicycle industry is increasingly seen as a key player in the mobility transformation. Closing the gap between an environmentally friendly product for a more sustainable lifestyle and complex global supply chains requires transparency in procurement processes. Especially in e-bike production, the industry faces challenges regarding the origin of critical materials, general resource availability, and social factors in procurement and production.

Leverage sustainability in your procurement with the sustainabill cloud platform. Achieve comprehensive transparency in your supply chains to cover all relevant sustainability requirements with minimal effort and make supply chains resilient. With our proactive risk management approach, you ensure that all relevant supply chain sustainability information is always available. And not only for direct suppliers, but also in relation to the upstream supply chain.

The benefits of sustainabill


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Reducing sustainability risks in the bicycle industry


Addressing raw material-related risks

The bicycle industry is an important component of sustainable mobility. The prerequisite for this is that sustainability is ensured in the bicycle supply chain. A high proportion of sustainability risks are linked to individual raw materials such as aluminum or – in the case of e-bikes – copper and cobalt. The sustainabill cloud platform not only enables you to evaluate the sustainability of individual suppliers, but also to create transparency in the supply chain at the level of individual components.

The partnership with sustainabill is an important step in acquiring an end-to-end overview of our international supply chain and obtaining transparency right to the heart of our complex supply and value chain.

Dr. Sandra Wolf



Success Story with Riese & Müller

Riese & Müller is a German premium manufacturer of e-bikes, cargo bikes and folding bikes. With it´s innovative products and as an expert in cargo bikes and fast HS bikes, Riese & Müller is shaping the mobility of tomorrow and stands for a sustainable lifestyle, application-oriented product development and pioneering e-bike technologies.

Riese & Müller uses sustainabill to create comprehensive transparency in the supply chain and to develop suppliers in terms of sustainability.

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