sustainabill helps OEMs and their suppliers to increase supply chain transparency, ensure sustainability in the upstream supply chain, and meet stakeholder requests for sustainability data.

Why automotive companies use sustainabill

Go beyond supplier management


Manage your high-risk materials

For automotive companies, a considerable part of the sustainability impacts are upstream in the supply chain. Our platform enables you to focus on materials with a high impact and get insights into the entire supply chain.

sustainabill provides an excellent visualization which offers deep insights into our complex supply chains.

Andreas Heinz-Fischer

Sustainability Supply Chain Management

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Increasing Transparency in Mineral Supply Chains

Regulators and other stakeholders increasingly demand that companies take on responsibility for their supply chains to drive sustainability. Read this whitepaper to learn about the challenges and how you can tackle them with cloud technology.

  • Companies face five key challenges to increase supply chain transparency.

  • A collaborative platform for supply chain transparency can address those challenges and foster collaboration.

  • To get started, companies can take a simple four-step approach.
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