Climate Action

Climate action

Climate action has become the new standard for business. In most industries, the largest share of climate emissions originate from the supply chain.
Companies need to gain insights into climate emissions and climate risks from the supply chain. To meet the climate targets, collaboration with suppliers is crucial.

How we support you in climate action


Customer Success Story with Develey

The family-owned company Develey, winner of the German Sustainability Award, uses the sustainabill  cloud platform to work towards a climate-neutral supply chain. Through sustainabill Develey achieved full transparency on mustard and ketchup products:

  • 62 supplier facilities onboardedTier 1-3 covered
  • Three weeks onboarding time 
  • 97% of suppliers registered on the platform
  • 90% of the purchasing volume of the core products covered


All data at a glance

We provide full support during implementation and data collection so you can focus on data analytics. Our interactive dashboards with actionable insights enable you to track emissions across your supply chain and easily identify hotspots, and monitor progress.

Watch the webinar

This webinar elaborates on how to use supply chain mapping to enable a fact-based cradle-to-gate assessment of carbon emissions. You will learn:

  • How you can improve your scope3 reporting and LCA by including supply chain data

  • Data requirements for a fact-based assessment of carbon emissions

  • How to use supply chain mapping to identify hotspots and monitor your emissions

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