sustainabill launches Sustainability Maturity Assessment

The sustainabill cloud platform is now extended by a brand-new sustainability maturity assessment that enables companies to easily understand the level of sustainability engagement from their suppliers.

Today, companies are facing a dramatically increasing awareness for sustainability. The biggest sustainability impacts come, however, not from direct operations but from the supply chain. 
Therefore, companies need to involve suppliers and sub-suppliers into their sustainability actions. Collaboration along the supply chain is key to a truly sustainable supply chain.

We have therefore added a comprehensive assessment to the sustainabill cloud platform, that allows companies to understand, where their suppliers and sub-suppliers stand in terms of sustainability and in which areas they can improve. This provides companies with the insights needed to qualify suppliers and to work towards a fully sustainable supply chain.

About the assessment

The sustainability maturity assessment covers the most relevant sustainability areas within the company: climate action, social compliance, company management and sourcing practices. It adheres to different global sustainability standards such as the GHG protocol and the UN Guiding principles. The sustainabill cloud platform helps companies to create transparency in supply chains and thus manage risks, achieve social compliance, and mitigate climate impacts.

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