Using the sustainabill cloud platform grants
access to newest collaboration technology


  • Supplier Management
  • Supply Chain Mapping & Traceability
  • Supply Chain Visualization
  • Certificate Management
  • Supplier Surveys & Self Assessment
  • Analytics & Reporting Dashboards
  • Risk Heat Maps
Eliminate product fraud child labor unnecessary costs greenhouse gases recall delays pain points water pollution liability risk deforestation slow processes modern slavery distrust high CO2 emissions logistics overhead conflict minerals costly audits vulnerability discoordination human rights violations unsustainable practise unexpected hazards visibility barriers invalid certification out-of-date technology poor working conditions lack of control scandals from your supply chain


We are technology enthusiasts with deep knowledge in software engineering. We have developed the sustainabill cloud platform from scratch in Germany considering newest security standards. 

sustainabill uses graph technology which delivers capability to visualize and analyze your supply chain in ways you’ve never seen before. This allows you to get a proper overview of all supplier relationships and not just single supplier scorecards. Thanks to flexible permission sharing every supplier owns its data and can decide with whom to share it.

Conveniently store, manage, analyze and use your entire supply chain network. See how every node of the supply chain impacts your product and which risks are related to it.

  • True platform solution enables flexible permission sharing
  • Cutting-edge graph database technology
  • Easily handles millions of data nodes with no performance impact
  • 1000 times faster than existing relational database tools
  • API-core to easily integrate with other apps and services
  • Blockchain ready

How secure is my data?

  • All data is hosted and processed in the EU
  • Protected at physical, network, host, application and data layer
  • One of the safest cloud services available today
  • 100% GDPR compliant